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Welcome to Hikestreet!

Every orgnaization needs quality staff who can contribute for the growth of company. All large scale sector require manpower with various skills and specializations. Hikestreet serves all your needs like searching manpower, filtering and seggrating profiles with ease!

  • Software Consultants
  • QA Engineers
  • Designers
  • FInancial Consultants
  • Tax Consultants
  • Travel & Tourism Specialists
  • And much more...

The Best Professionals

Find the manpower that fits exactly into your ogranization needs

Our Mission

It's always tought to hunt for right resources for everchanging needs in industries.

Commercial work needs to be completed professionally and in a timely manner with extra consideration of codes and regulations. We eliminate the need to flip through the yellow pages, we take away the stress and worry, and most importantly we get the job done right.

We promise to provide you with outstanding service that you can trust for all of your recruitment needs.

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Why People Choose Us?

We're here to keep our customers with quality work and ability to server in minutes.
We're the largest employement consultant in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Our dedication in hiring and retaining the very best professionals who has a 99% efficiency track.
We've consistently gather experienced, reliable employees whose skills are further refined through technical and customer service training.
We are ready to be your long term partner for all of your needs. Contact us to day and see how we can help you!