Key Jobs Jobs we deal

QA Engineer

Professionals who are strong in latest technology to test new and innovated products.

Software Consultant

Consulting professionals who can offer service that provides independent expertise.

Financial Consultants

Professionals who master in Managing, protecting and restoring the environment.

Hardware & Networkong

Professionals who who can install and repair IT infrastructure and build networks.


Professional designers dedicate their careers exclusively to the art of eye catching designs.

ERP Consultants

Professionals who can build real-world solutions with few clicks using ERP Software.

CAD Proffesionals

Professionals who can design mechanical and construction wonders with state of art CAD Software.

Travel & Tourism

Professionals who can make your tours and travelling requirments simple.

Mechanical Engineers

Engineers who can build and maintain gaint machinary for large scale industry requirements.

What Clients Say

I am very happy with their work. They did a great job. They were very helpful with other aspects of the work i had in mind. They were very quick!

V V Kumar
CEO, ITangent

The consultant were friendly, helpful, polite, professional and efficient. They did a great job! I would highly recommend them! Thank you!

T M Chowdary
HR Manager, Pivotalsoft